Why i transitioned from Medium to an own blog

By Lars Roettig13 July 2019 3 min read

Hello Community,

I am glad that you read this story. After a long time, I have now a personal website and blog.

Two years ago I started with publishing stories at Medium. Publishing on Medium was a test will somebody reading my stories? Currently, I already reached now 200 up 600 monthly readers on Medium what I think should be enough to set up my own blog. In general setup and blog is not complex ord taking some mutch time if you don’t care about design or performance.

As a developer, it very easy to set up a blog with Wordpress blog. But i already had in the past a Wordpress Blog monster. For me, it was to difficult to maintain WordPress, it also was not so easy to get a good result for google page speed.

In the past, I was not so good with javascript and I was interested in getting better with javascript and with Magento Storefront it will be more React in the future also for Backend Developer. For those reasons, I built my new blog with react and gatsby.

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About me

I started programming at the age of 15. At first, I taught myself C++ with the help of books and programmed 2D games with it. Later, I started to develop smaller websites with HTML, CSS, and PHP for fun. During 2010-2013, I completed my training as an IT specialist for application development. At that time, I developed applications on PHP and C#. In 2013, I started working for the TechDivision as a Magento developer, and I am currently associated with them.

Javascript Gatsby and React?

If you don’t have so much experience with javascript, I recommend starting with a simple example in vanilla javascript. That helps you later to understand what is the framework and was working in vanilla javascript.

I was trying to start without doing the basics. This was not a good idea. It takes hours to understand why my site is white with errors. For those reasons recommend start with vanilla javascript basics.

After I learn the basis for it was better to change some starter extending them. I also try typescript it takes me more time to get working results. For this Blog, I am using a JSX with Tailwind CSS to render. More about plugins and setup I will publish in an upcoming story.

For me is Medium a good starting point for publishing or sharing o blog content via story import. But it is better for personal branding to set up an own blog and share the different platforms to get more readers.

Why I publishing content

Publishing is for me to give back to the community. That helped me to grow as a developer and person. If I learned one thing within my young life be grateful for what you reached. Helping people is my why behind publishing content.

Topics of this blog?

Mostly I will write about software development and software architecture with a focus on Magento.