Teaser for Enable Notify me when this product is in stock in Magento 2

Enable Notify me when this product is in stock in Magento 2

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This feature is available in Magento 2 Open Source, Commerce and B2B

As Merchant, you can enable this feature for registered customers. It allowed subscribing to two types of alerts, first is price change alert, and the sound is in-stock alert. For each alert example, you can choose a different email template.

Allow show Display Out of Stock Products

Enable Allow alert when the product comes back in stock

Optional Step

With the Frequency settings, it possible to change how often Magento checks for changes that require alerts sent to the subscribers.

The in-stock alert setting creates a link called “Notify me when this product is in stock” for every product that is out of stock. Customers can click the link to subscribe to the alert. When the product is back in stock, customers receive an email notification that the product is available.

Attention the Mail is only sent by the configured time (Magento cron job).

Products with alerts have a Product Alerts sections in the Product Information panel that lists the customers who have subscribed to an alarm.


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